Season Two Episode Ten: The BUTTERCREAM FROSTING Episode

Sermonarian is a MAJOR frosting advocate, and when recently it hashtag THUNDERSNOWED on the East Coast, Sermonarian made some buttercream frosting and discovered something really important about it. To find out what, and enjoy this last (yes you heard correctly) last episode of Sermonarian for some undisclosed period of time, get your earbuds secure and hit play.

Season Two Episode Nine: THE POETRY EPISODE

In this episode, well in advance of April's National Poetry Month, Sermonarian shares why poetry is essential, what good can come from reading it, and reads a few of her personal favorite poems culled from the hundreds of wonderful poems still living in the spaces of her mind. Sermonarian is also giving out a few free poetic licenses in this episode so be sure to get yours.

Season Two Episode Seven: God and Gambling

This one's on God and the Lottery. Sermonarian ruminates on the purpose of the podcast, and in the process talks a bit about the similarity between God and gambling, and reads the story she wrote about that very thing, called The Lottery. This is part 1 of a 2-part podcast.

Season Two Episode Five: PRAYER!

Sermonarian watched a really boring documentary about Martin Luther and it reminded her about a radio talk show she heard back in October on plenary indulgences and so decided she wanted to ruminate about what prayer is and why we do it.

The Season One Finale

Sermonarian waxes poetic about the importance of pierogi, family recipes, and honoring the long process of grieving that comes with loss. It's the season finale, so be sure to come back on January 2, 2018 for the first episode of Season Two!

The One About Eating At A Buffet

Sermonarian talks about one of her favorite things to hate to love to do: eat at a buffet! And she highlights some of the common mistakes one makes when partaking of this very American tradition. Also: why do women's care products so often smell like food?

The One With the Home-Brew Buzz Cuts

In the fifth and FINAL installment of the month-long celebration of National Coming Out Day and LGBTQ History Month, Sermonarian talks about how that one time, she dyed her hair, and then used a pair of Conair clippers...

The One That's a Bonus!

In this episode, which is a bonus episode and not one of your regularly scheduled episodes, Sermonarian talks about her experience marketing her book and subsequently attending the Super Mega Fest comic con in Marlborough Massachusetts...and being on a panel!