Kozy Shack - A Parody of Sexy Back 

I had a week and really wanted to do something ridiculous. When Filthy came out it really reminded me of Sexy Back and so I resurrected some parody lyrics I wrote during a time in my life when Kozy Shack pudding was essential to my life - and I made the song in garage band using the fuzz vocal filter, and used iMovie for the extremely low budget film. It cost approximately .99 cents for the karaoke version of the song, and about $20 bucks for ALL. THAT. PUDDING. AND PRICELESS for the sheer joy it brought me to be a dork.

Enjoy - and do yourself a favor: be silly, and do something pointlessly fun today!

San Francisco Lyon Street Stairway Walk

I'm STILL working on recording the audiobook of Out, my novel, so here's another excerpt with footage of the real life "Lyon's Street" stairway walk referenced in the book. Also, soon I'll have a handy, foldable, pocket-sized map of the stairway walks from the book as mentioned in this video.

Stairway Walks of San Francisco

Designed by Kathleen J. Azada, Azada Design Company

Maps created by E. Terumi Woods, Woods Work Studio

San Francisco Saturn Street Stairway Walk

I'm working on recording the audiobook of Out, my novel but in the meantime, I figured I would post some excerpts here along with footage of the real life stairway walks referenced in the book.

You may not know that the entire 7x7 city of San Francisco is peppered with secret little stairway walks that exist, mostly because there are so many hills, you just can't always make a road go! Subsequently, these stairway walks are some of the city's best kept secrets.

Super Mega Fest

Some clips of my time at the Super Mega Fest con in Marlborough Mass. Oct 21-22. I had a great time meeting readers and signing books and being on a panel! This quick video shows some of my favorite highlights.

How I do Sermonarian Animations

Sermonarian tells you why she likes to do animations and shows you the simple way she gets hers done for her character, Sermonarian. Now, Sermonarian can't really draw, but does the animations anyway and YOU CAN TOO!

The Making of the Podcast

I figured I'd show you all how the magic happens. It's not very magical. It's actually pretty loud but, it is what it is! 

My favorite part of this video is being able to hear the amazing difference between the podcast/Garageband recording of my voice verses the bad Nexus 5x video recording of my voice. Mama needs a GoPro or something...

Go Buy My Book

I'm only talking about my book in this video - It's called Out, I wrote it and published it. I took the cover photos, I wrote my own blurb. I'm doing my own publicizing and advertising. I'm tired. But I'm excited, and I hope you get a copy, read it, and share the love. 


Welcome to Sermonarian!

I made a video intro to the song intro I made for the podcast. Because why not. I mean, I'm always playing with iMovie.


Hey, all rights reserved, okay? I also wanted to have something to do with this excellent video of a plastic chicken toy pooping out egg-shaped gum.